18th Century on Catskill Creek for Sale


If you are looking for a highly distinctive country home in the Catskills....


Back in 2003, I was looking for a country house and bought this one. Whether or not this is the place for you, I thought it might be helpful to share why this house has all the attributes that made it a place I enjoyed so much for many years. Each page on this site will go into why this house in this location is so special. Perhaps this will bring you added perspective in your search. Or perhaps it could be the right house for you.

When I first saw this house I thought it was exactly what I didn’t want. I had this fantasy of a small place located on a few private acres. The house is located in a tiny hamlet, Oak Hill. Not only that, it is a very large house. I was like “no way” before I ever stepped inside and this was doubly confirmed when I saw the 1960s bathrooms. But my girlfriend, who was with me, had the absolute opposite reaction, This place is amazing.

She saw something very rare. An almost completely intact 18th century Dutch colonial house built just after the Revolutionary War. I began to notice the age of the place: the wide board floors and walls, the paneling in the living room. I looked out the back windows and saw the Catskill Creek flowing by. I was a novice at home buying so I did not notice all the work that would have to be done, which likely would have scared me off.

If you read on, I’ll explain all the work that was done and how the house ended up on the National Register of Historic Places. It turns out it was once owned by Thomas Adams, a close relative of President John Adams.